Greetings from moneyGPS

We are proud to announce that Fiduciary Financial Group Pty Ltd has launched; moneyGPS - Australia's first "fully client-led, digital (single topic) advice platform” - i.e. no adviser support required.

There has been much discussion about the lack of affordability of financial advice.

We all know the stats, the 'mass-market' of millions of working Australians who have unserved advice needs - because they cannot afford the cost of traditional financial advice. Until now, it has just been too hard a problem to tackle.

The technology developed by moneyGPS changes all of that, in providing everyday Australians with access to ‘easy to use, compliant and affordable personal advice’.

However there is much more to our affordable advice offering that can help you and your stakeholders - whether you are a Superfund, AFSL, Financial Institution, Platform provider or represent a Professional Services business.

We invite you to learn more about our leading edge digital services and take the opportunity to request a brief meeting via our landing page ‘meeting request form’.

We look forward to speaking with you

George Haramis
CEO and Co-Founder

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